About the Adopt-a-Bike Program

PedNet Adopt-a-Bike logo with red bicycle chain heart

PedNet’s Adopt-a-Bike program takes lightly used bikes and matches them with a sponsor and a person in need of a bike. A bike can change the life of someone with limited access to transportation. Having a bike can mean being able to get to work, maintain a job, stay in school, participate in before- or after-school activities, visit the doctor or buy groceries.

 yellow road bike with brown seat and grips in modern store

Donate a Bike

Do you have a bike you don’t need anymore? We accept gently used bicycles during business hours.

 yellow bike with a close up of the rear gears and chain

Sponsor a Bike

Help us fix a bike! Adopt-a-Bike sponsorships give us the financial support to get our donated bikes repaired and tuned up, so they will be safe and comfortable to ride.

 Fashionable lady riding a bike on a sunny day

Adopt a Bike

Individuals in need of a bicycle for transportation can qualify to adopt a bike at no cost. We sometimes have a waiting list for bikes, so start the process to see if we have a bike ready for you.