Transportation Policy

Livable Streets Policies

A common transportation policy we’ve helped communities implement is Livable Streets. You may have heard this movement referred to as Complete Streets. The names are different but the idea is the same: making our streets and sidewalks accessible, safe, and efficient for people of all ages and abilities.

When PedNet was founded in 2000, our priority was to ensure sidewalks and bicycle lanes were included on new streets in Columbia. It quickly became clear that the city’s street design policies needed to be amended so these facilities would be standard. The campaign lasted four years, involved hundreds of stakeholders and eventually yielded Missouri’s first Complete Streets policy. Now we help other communities do the same.

Safe Routes to School Policies

We provide support and guidance to schools to help them develop and pass district-level Safe Routes to School (SRTS) policies. Having an official policy shows that your schools value active transportation for their students and provides guidelines for the district when considering transportation needs and goals.

In 2015 with funding from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, we helped 7 schools in Kansas develop and pass SRTS policies.

Additional Strategies

In addition to the above policies, we can work with clients to ensure that pedestrians, wheelchair users, bicyclists, and transit users can safely and comfortably navigate their communities, by

  • examining the local distribution of sales tax
  • ensuring that new schools are built in walkable/bikeable areas
  • updating local Street Design Standards