Lawrence Simonson | Chief Strategy Officer

Lawrence joined PedNet Coalition in February 2010. Previously he worked as a Registered Dietitian. He joined PedNet out of a strong belief in the individual and community benefits of an active lifestyle.

At university, Lawrence lived without a car and instead rode his bike for transportation. When looking to move, he chose to move to Columbia over several other cities because he saw how well the community valued active transportation and living an active lifestyle. He later moved within Columbia so he could be even closer to active transportation infrastructure and have better access to the MKT Trail. Lawrence is a competitive cyclist and rides to work regularly.

Lawrence’s exceptional communication and networking skills with diverse stakeholders have contributed to PedNet’s strong presence and positive relationships in the community. Lawrence has served in a variety of roles with PedNet, including Safe Routes to School Coordinator.


  • Bachelor of Science, Dietetics, Kansas State University
  • Bachelor of Science, Human Nutrition, Kansas State University
  • Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology, Kansas State University